Make one of your greatest dreams come true: enjoy an exciting adventure aboard a Ski-doo snowmobile! Come and visit us at Maximum PowerSports, your recreational vehicle dealership in Hawkesbury. You can explore all of our outstanding Ski-doo snowmobile models, for sale.

Ski-doo snowmobiles for the trails

Among all of our Ski-doo for sale, Ski-doo snowmobiles for the trails are very popular among new drivers. Thanks to the coupled suspension and the narrow skis that are widely spaced, these snowmobiles are very stable and can tackle very tight turns easily.

The 2024 Ski-doo Renegade snowmobile

The 2024 Ski-doo Renegade X Rotax 900 ACE snowmobile is equipped with a long track that ensures solid grip levels with the trails. The Renegade X is equipped with a Turbo R 4- stroke engine with instant accelerations. Optimized for long rides, it comes with wind protection, a 10.25- inch color touch screen and Bluetooth connectivity.

The 2024 Ski-doo MXZ snowmobile

The 2024 Ski-doo MXZ design was inspired by snowmobiles built for racing. The MXZ offers exceptional maneuverability and agility. Powerful, the 2024 MXZ Ski-doo offers 4 powertrains:

  • Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R (180 HP)
  • Rotax E-TEC (165 HP)
  • Rotax 600R E-TEC (125 HP)
  • 600 cc Rotax 600 EFI with electronic injection (85 HP).

Ski-doo crossover snowmobiles

Our Ski-doo crossover snowmobiles for sale are very versatile. They combine the stability levels of a snowmobile for the trails with the agility of off-trail snowmobiles.

The 2024 Ski-doo Backcountry snowmobile

On the trails, the Ski-doo Backcountry is very stable in turns and powerfully reactive when riding off the trails. The wide skis and semi-active mountain suspension provide you with outstanding grip levels at all times. The Backcountry offers 3 Rotax engines:

  • The 600 EFI (85 HP)
  • The 600R E-TEC (125 HP)
  • The 850 E-TEC (165 HP).

The Ski-doo Expedition

The Ski-doo Expedition crossover snowmobile is versatile. It will allow you to work, haul, or play on the trails or in powder snow. The Expedition is equipped with a 20- inch multi-LinQ plate on which you can load up to 125 pounds. The articulated rear suspension maximises traction in deep snow.

Other types of Ski-doo snowmobiles

Among all of our Ski-doo snowmobiles for sale at Maximum PowerSport, you will also find Ski-Doo Summit X off-trail models, Skandic and Tundra utilities and Ski-Doo snowmobiles for youth.

In other words, you will find the Ski-doo snowmobile of your dreams at Maximum PowerSport, your ski-doo dealership in the Hawkesbury area, including Prescott and Russell.

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