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A brief history of the Spyder, the 3 wheel motorcycle

Back in 1990, Campagna Motors an artisanal Quebecer manufacturer, launched the T-Rex, the very first 3 wheel bike to actual gain in popularity.

As for the Spyder, this 3 wheel bike was developed by the BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products) special projects team. After over 6 years of research, trials and adjustments, the very first copies of the Can-Am Spyder were commercialized in Canada, in 2008.

That’s when the popularity of 3 wheel motorcycles literally exploded!

Spyder: Features

The Spyder is built on a Y shaped architecture, with (single) rear wheel drive and both front wheels used for direction and greater stability levels.

The Spyder is equipped with a Rotax engine, a 6- speed sequential transmission, power steering and a Bosch stability control system. This system includes:

  • Stability control and trajectory correction
  • ABS brakes
  • Anti-skid during accelerations.

The Spyder also stands out from other 3 wheel motorcycles thanks to the reliability of the mechanical components, its modern look, the variety of transmissions and how easy it is to use.

The Can-Am Spider comes in 3 models:

  • Ryker
  • F3
  • RT

The 2023 Spyder Can-Am Ryker 

The new Spyder Can-Am Ryker 3 wheel motorcycles for sale can be equipped with a Rotax 600 ACE engine with 2- cylinders or a Rotax 900 ACE. These engines are coupled with an automatic transmission and reliable driveshaft.

Streamlined, the 2023 Can-Am Ryker models have a boarding step, a brake pedal and a 3- way adjustable handlebar.

BRP engineers have carefully selected very solid steel along with durable and recyclable materials to build the 2023 Spyder Ryker Chassis.

The Spyder Can-Am Ryker comes in 3 trims:

  • Ryker
  • Ryker Sport
  • Ryker Rally

The 2023 Ryker

This Spyder for sale at Maximum PowerSports offers the choice between 2 engines

  • Rotax 600 cc, twin-cylinder with 50 horsepower and 36.7 lb-ft. maximum torque
  • Rotax 900 cc, 3- cylinder with 82 horsepower and 58.3 lb-ft. maximum torque with 6,500 rmp

Both Ryker engines are coupled with a CVT automatic transmission with reverse

The Ryker trim of the Spyder is equipped with a 4.5- inch digital display with speed, tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge and the distance left to travel before the tank is empty.

The 2023 Ryker Sport

The Ryker Sport is standard equipped with the Rotax 900 cc engine. To the standard equipment on the entry-level Ryker, the Ryker Sport adds the KYB HPG suspension with remote rear settings, the comfort sport seat, the MAX extension which allows you to add accessories for the passenger, options for added cargo, the Sport driving mode adapted to controlled skidding and cruise control.

The 2023 Ryker Rally

This Spyder stands out thanks to a very impressive look. The Ryker Rally is equipped with reinforced rims, rally tires, handlebar with hand protectors, footrests, antiskid system, protection plates on the grill and protection plates under the Spyder, auxiliary LED lighting and an Akrapovic exhaust system.

The 2023 Can-Am Spyder F3 

The Spyder F3 series stand out with a powerful 1,330 cc Rotax inline 3- cylinder engine with 115 horsepower. This Rotax is coupled with a 6- speed semi-automatic transmission with reverse function.

The Can-Am Spyder F3 for sale offers 4 models: the F3, the Special Series, the T and the F3 Limited. Depending on the selected model, the Spyder F3 can be equipped with comfort seats, a short range handlebar, 12- spoke wheels, the BRP sound system with 6- speakers and audio command keyboard, lateral storage compartments and towing capacity.

The 2023 Can-Am Spyder RT 

This is the most luxurious Spyder series for sale at Maximum PowerSports. To the 115 horsepower offered by the Rotax 1,130 cc, this superb 3 wheel motorcycle adds, depending on trim level (RT, RT Limited, RT Sea-to-Sky) lumbar support, heated handles, LED headlights, a 7.8- inch (19.8 cm) ACL screen, auto-levelling rear suspension, heated seats, a choice between black or platinum trims and adjustable air deflectors.

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