No matter if it is to purchase a Can-Am Commander, Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Maverick side by side, Maximum PowerSports, your recreational vehicle dealership, offers the best selection of Can-Am side by sides for sale in all of the Hawkesbury area, including Russell and Prescott.

Main features offered by the side by side category

A side by side recreational vehicle is an off-road vehicle with:

  • 4- or 6- wheels
  • Side by side bucket seats
  • A driving system with steering wheel and pedals for the gas and brakes
  • A roll cage structure
  • A windshield.

Can-Am Commander side by sides

Among our Can-Am side by sides for sale, the Commander are ready for adventure and are not afraid of heavy-duty tasks. Up to 4- passengers can take place on board.

The XT trims of the Commander are equipped with:

  • A Rotax engine with 52 horsepower and 42 lb-ft. maximum torque. This engine is coupled with a CVC transmission with an engine brake and electronic protection for the belt.

  • OR

  • A 976 cc V-Twin Rotax with 100 horsepower.

These engines are coupled with a drivetrain with Turf/2×4/4×4 modes with an automatic locking front differential. The Can-Am Commander side by side can tow up to 2,000 pounds (907.2 kg) and offers a 1,030 pound (467.2 kg) payload.

Can-Am Defender side by sides

Available with seating for 3- or 6- passengers, the 12 models in our Can-Am side by side Defender series stand out with loads of standard offered or optional equipment, like:

  • A Bluetooth sound system with 6- waterproof speakers and integrated LED lights in the headliner
  • Contoured seats and a driver’s seat with settings
  • A reclining bed with a hydraulic system
  • A winch with a 4,500 pound (2,041 kg) capacity
  • A 2- inch hitch receiver

Depending on the selected model, Can-Am Defender side by sides are equipped with:

  • A Rotax HD9 2- cylinder engine with 65 horsepower and 59 lb-ft. maximum torque
  • A 976 cc V-twin Rotax HD10 engine with 82 horsepower and 69 lb-ft.

Can-Am Maverick side by sides

The 2024 Maverick R is the most powerful Can-Am side by side. Slender and agile, the 2024 Maverick is way ahead of its time!

The Rotax 3- cylinder turbo offers 240 horsepower. It is coupled with a 7- speed transmission with a dual-clutch and a Smart-Shox semi-active suspension that adapts to the harshest trails.

Can-Am Commander, Defender and Maverick in Hawkesbury.

Our entire team of recreational vehicle experts at Maximum PowerSports is available to you; so come take a look at our outstanding selection of Can-Am side by sides for sale.

Each one of our expert representatives has extensive know-how of each one of our recreational vehicle or side by side models. Our team will know how to guide you toward the perfect side by side to best suit your needs.

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