CFMOTO ATVs are not only stunning, they are also reliable and powerful. Moreover, CFMOTO ATVs offer an excellent value for money.

2023 CFMOTO CForce 1000

Among all of our CFMOTO ATVs for sale, the 2023 CForce 1000 Overland is extremely powerful, with a 963 cc V-twin engine, a CVTech-IBC continuously variable transmission, a 4×2/4×4 drivetrain with power locking differential and a front suspension with gas shocks with adjustable rebound/compression and brakes with hydraulic disks on all four wheels.

With body colors like Midnight Camouflage or Grey, this CFMOTO ATV –for sale- is also equipped with a retractable rear trunk, a 3,500 pound winch, LED headlights and 14- inch aluminum rims.

As an option, you can choose to equip your 2023 CForce with a Cabin package. The CForce 1000 is also offered in an EPS trim.

2023 CFMOTO CForce 800

Equipped with a 800 cc V-Twin cylinder 4- stroke fuel injection engine, the CFMOTO CForce 800 EPS 2UP stands out with hand protectors with integrated side mirrors.

The CForce 800 is also equipped with a digital display dashboard with LED headlights and flashers.

2023 CFMOTO CForce 600


With a choice of 4- body colors, the 2023 CForce 600 is equipped with a 580 cc fuel injection engine, a continuously variable transmission, assisted power steering, 12- inch aluminum rims and a 12 V USB outlet.

The CForce 600 has a 10.6- inch (270 mm) ground clearance. It also comes in a Touring trim.

The CFMOTO CForce 500, 400 and 110 Series

CFMOTO has developed a wide range of ATV models. Why?

CFMOTO engineers fully understand that it is necessary to develop all-terrain vehicles that are adapted to users’ needs. Some of you might enjoy leisurely outings in the forest while others enjoy long rallies, and some need an ATV for work and to make a living.

Each CFMOTO ATV series comes with different types of equipment and powertrains, adapted to drivers’ specific needs. Why pay for more equipment and a more expensive ATV if you need less?

Would you like to find out more?

Our Maximum PowerSports representatives –at your recreational vehicle dealership in Hawkesbury- know each of our CHMOTO ATV models –for sale- through and through. So, if you would like to find out more about our CFORCE, ZFORCE and UFORCE series, come and visit us in person in Hawkesbury, close to Prescott and Russell.

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