No matter if you are looking for a Lynx snowmobile –for sale- in the Crossover, Off-trail or Sport category, you can take a look at all of these models at your Maximum PowerSports dealership in Hawkesbury, close to Russell and Prescott.

The Lynx brand: A brief history

Lynx snowmobiles were born in Finland. In the 1970s, Lynx snowmobiles acquired a strong reputation as being sturdy and reliable snowmobiles for work, among Lapland reindeer breeders and farmers in the south of Finland.

In the early 1980s, Pauli Piippola, the motocross pilot, began using the Lynx in snowcross competitions. The legendary GLX 5900 wide track model paved the way to a brilliant international future for Lynx snowmobiles.

The 2024 Lynx Xterrain snowmobile

The 2024 Lynx Xterrain snowmobile was built for adventure. Comfortable and easy to drive, equipped with a track with lung studs, the Xterrain grips onto the trails in all types of snow and ice conditions.

The 2024 Lynx Xterrain crossover can tackle any trail with ease. The Radien platform was made with a narrow design and tunnel that improves the Xterrain’s efficiency in powder snow. The Blade DS+ skis are excellent off the trail and the Blade XC+ are perfect for cross-country. Furthermore, the 4 LED light modules on the Xterrain almost triple the lighting power.

The 2024 Lynx Shredder snowmobile

The Lynx Shredder snowmobile was designed for an outstanding experience in deep snow and off-trail adventures, where few even dare to go.

The 2024 Lynx Shredder can be equipped with either an R Rotax turbo with 180 horsepower or a Rotax 850 E-TEC. These 2- stroke engines offer out-of-this-world power and accelerations. The wide track on the Shredder RE and DS is ideal for deep snow, with wide rods that increase stability.

Let’s also mention the low attack angle on the Shredder’s rear suspension, along with the high capacity of the KYB Kashima shocks, which provide you with exceptional maneuverability.

The 2024 Lynx Rave snowmobile

The Lynx Rave is a sports snowmobile built for racing.

The 2024 Rave is catapulted by a Rotax 850 E-TEC 2- stroke engine with 165 horsepower. The new 4- piston braking system offers even more precision and braking power, while the rear suspension offers unparalleled shock absorption capacity. A true beast to contend with, smooth and supple like a wildcat, the 2024 Lynx Rave is guaranteed to give you the adrenaline rush you seek!

Lynx snowmobiles for sale in Hawkesbury

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